You are professionals and trustfull

Hello from greece!
I have already received the boots that I had ordered last week, and I am very pleased for this !
Because I am going to order another 9 pairs of boots , iwould like to know if there will be any discount to the total price. If that wiil be happen it will be too good for me!
Anyway, thank so much for your services. You are professionals and trustfull!
Friendly kelly (Greece)

instructions on how to clean them

I own a pair of white Duvet Moon Boots. I love them, and it is no exaggeration to say that I get a compliment every time I wear them. I knew when I bought them that white is not a practical color, but I chose them anyway because they look so great.
Can you please give me instructions on how to clean them? They are getting dirty from snow sludge.
Many thanks.
Peggy (Dublin, Ireland)